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Lómin – The Ranger

The Ranger 'Shadow of Moonfell is the first WoC Avatar to be airdropped as a holder benefit.
He will be distributed to some longterm chapter one parcel holders via an airdop. There will be a limited number of this avatar.
Lómin has long black hair, a beard and wears a dark green robe. His undergarments are made of leather. He  is from an old line of Rangers which are told to have their origins in the shadows of Moonfell Forest. His hair is as dark as the shadow he lives in, his cloak makes him nearly invisible. Only because of the portal ornament and crystal he is wearing some can sense a light in the dark before it goes invisible again.


Lómin - Tribute in the lore
According to the lore, he is a mysterious ranger, who seems to made it his mission to
experience every corner with his own eyes. On his journeys, he often hits the doorstep
of a resident, from whom he hopes to find a place to sleep for the night,
shortly before sunset. He almost exclusively visits landowners who are known
for their open hearts, minds and selflessness. Those who invite him in usually get to
hear exciting and compelling stories from around the world, but not a single word
about him personally, or what his goals and motives are. According to residents who
have met him, he is a pleasant coeval, as you can see from his polite disposition,
but there is something latently uncomfortable about his partial
seclusion.He never asks for service, whether food or drinks, and usually disappears from the house before sunrise.
The only traces he leaves are his stories in the minds of his hosts, which is why many consider him a figure of their dreams.
 Outside of these encounters, there are few who only suspect to have sighted him for a brief moment in Moonfell Forest, but rather thought his figure was an illusion. How the ranger can travel long distances across the world unnoticed remains his mystery.

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