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This illustration serves to show the characteristic of each parcel. On basis of this, you can see which function each parcel will have in future - the parcel finder shows you the exact location.

World of Cardano


Uristduhn is called "The Land of Abundance" not only because of the plenitude of precious gems inside Yanardak, but mainly because of the diversity and variety of exquisite fruits and vegetables that can thrive in the exceptional soil of this region. Over the years, these have made Uristduhn the place to be for high-quality natural foods as well as formidable and nutritious home cooking. As a result of the disastrous eruption of the Yanardak volcano, Uristduhn has a lot of plain leveled land with highly nutritious grounds. These make the perfect combination for cultivation and growing nearly all kinds of plants, crops or roots. While the northern cities of Ram'mar and Calican quickly returned to follow political and mining duties after the eruption, the Klayns in Plenidor and Gimendil recognized the opportunity and turned their focus on agriculture and food processing - two areas, whose management they continued to perfect and expand. As similar as the culinary developments of these two cities are, they handle them very differently. For example, Plenidor's geographical location was better suited for the trans-regional export of goods as well as welcoming foreign residents who want to get an idea of delicate Uristduhn cuisine. Parallel to this, the inhabitants of Gimendil preferred to be among themselves in any way, and thus decided to only harvest for themselves and other residents of Uristduhn. Outsiders who had the chance to try the traditional and authentic cuisine of Gimendil found it difficult to find words to describe the delicious flavors of the dishes and the power it gave to them.

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