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The Cities of the Four Timeless Kingdoms

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Dágaume is a shoreside city. The way through the city to the shore leads over several smaller hills, and descents. Other than the bay region, the land is plain and country like. They are known for their fishing and exquisite seafood.

Montayak is located to the left of Ram’mar, on the other side of the mountain ridge. Besides this mountainous part, the rest of the city is plain with a bit of shore, on which the inhabitants enjoy the sunset.

Ram’mar is located in the west of Uristduhn and is its capital city. The mountains around it give extras security for all the treasures it keeps. As the city was once buried by lots of magma from the near volcano, its grounds are a very uneven and with many minor slopes. The eruption of the volcano made the ground very nutrient, so everything that isn’t mountain or slope is covered with green/plants.

Like Plenidor, Gimendil is all plain and holds perfect conditions for planting. However, the inhabitants like more to be left in peace. Therefore, instead of exporting their goods, they only harvest for themselves.

Duzuni is a city on the verge to Thandor. It is mostly plain, which helps the inhabitants to reach the water at the shore easily.

Buzami, also known as the “Ice City”, is located on the icy top of on the highest of the Skykapi Mountains. For now, it is only a small settlement, as the ascension to the top is very dangerous and only possible with the right companion. Therefore, these lands (characteristics: Icy Mountain) are the rarest in this world.

This city is in Thandor, but its lands are all plain – kinda like the quiet before the storm. Only its south east corner is a bit uneven.

Ventor is located in the south of Skykapi and is known for strong southerly winds that whip through and around the city towards the mountain range in the north.

Calican is located at the very foot of the volcano and is very known for its mining work with heavy machinery. As it suggests, it is a bit of a mountainous region: Nearly half of the city is built on the foot of the volcano, the other half merges in little hillsides, only the very south is a bit plain, as it is the exit to the open fields. Therefore, it would be great for the map to resemble this industrial, slope-ish “into and around a volcano/mountain” character. Maybe some green patches can also be worked in, reflecting the fertility of the Uristduhn lands.

Plenidor is an all-plain city in Uristduhn. Its plain level and the nutrient ground make the perfect combination for cultivation and growing nearly all kinds of plants, crops or roots. It is known for these skills in particular and for producing and exporting the fruits with the highest quality and the best taste.

Simmun is a very special city in this world, as very honored and diplomatic partners settled here – the arrangement of parcels here are meant to resemble the face of a monkey. The city is located across a little elevation, but still counts as forest ground.

Ageria is in the southwest of Moonfell, deep inside the Moonfell Forest, which also shows in its land characteristics. It is known to be the city with the most mystical and magical activities: Illusions, fantastical creatures, or inexplicable miracles – this city has it all.

Boskerta is located near the north west of Moonfell. Moonfells mysteriousness is not only part of the forest parts of this city, but also the little shore side it has. Aside from the shore, which is harder to reach because of the cliff it is hidden behind, the rest of the city is on one level.

Similar to Dezon, Gizoc is also located pretty central in Thandor and its lands are mostly corrupted, with some mountainous areas. It is the city where the researchers research the most, as its open fields make it easy to recognize dangerous creatures early.

Resrit is located in the south west of Thandor and its land is accordingly “corrupted”. The west part of this city is shore, why it is very popular for researchers to open their bases here. The water is easily reachable thanks to the flattening of the land towards the shore.

The city of Dezon is located pretty central in Thandor, so its lands are almost all “corrupted”, only a roam in its north is mountainous. It is so out of the way from the rest of the world, that only a handful of researchers and adventurers dare to take the risk going near its native inhabitants.

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