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Welcome to the World of Cardano, a neo-medieval Metaverse project and home of the many mystical creatures from the so called Four Timeless Kingdoms! This Metaverse will be part of the Cardano Blockchain and offers the opportunity to exclusively acquire pieces of land in form of unique Cardano NFT (CNFT), based on specific coordinates. Soon, many different elements shall be added to enable individualization and interaction within this digital world.

To further evolve the fantastical World of Cardano, the assist of a strong community is elementary - so please join our Discord to support our vision!

Policy IDs

Parcels: df44bef5a988e0b135145c505d734130f545dc959e764ac14c9ce983

Crystals: 8b938c1bd30654772067a2e091152b59a16885a42c093d586c6fd7fa

Lomin Avatar: 7b957fa45d75fed7b534df39f4f0686af890589697662f0b8a9602f6

The Four Timeless Kingdoms of the World of Cardano endured two millennia of catastrophic wars, which wreaked havoc on many of their vital natural resources. The cataclysmic events would have led to a foreseeable disastrous end to all inhabitants, so a peace treaty came into effect to restore harmony in the lands to establish a habitable future.


One century later, the World of Cardano has almost fully recovered due to efficient mitigation plans. Conflicts found resolutions, and old enemies became trusted companions. Tranquility reigned across the kingdoms, and the lands prospered due to the flow of knowledge and resources that were magnanimously shared between the inhabitants of Skykapi, Uristduhn, Moonfell and Thandor as they converged in Umuthayal, the central trading and diplomacy settlement in the World of Cardano.

New chapters of lore are published weekly on our Discord!


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