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Mintpaper 1.1

This is the official mintpaper for the first mint of World of Cardano-CNFTs and contains all important information about the project, the CNFTs and map-concept in relation to the upcoming mint on 15th march.

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Introduction to World of Cardano

World of Cardano as a project is destined to be a fantasy themed Metaverse featuring Unreal Engine 5 for a top notch 3D experience. Initially, land parcels will be minted in form of CNFTs; in the next steps, World of Cardano shall become a comprehensive digital world to interact with and feature many different functionalities as a platform for community activities and play 2 earn possibilities.

This neo-medieval world is accompanied by a continously written lore, which has its roots in a peace treaty between the "Four Timeless Kingdoms" (Skykapi, Uristduhn, Moonfell and Thandor) after a disastrous war for over 2000 years. The lore covers many facettes of the history, the life in the mystical and fantastical World of Cardano.

Structure and content of this mintpaper

This paper serves the purpose of giving a transparent overview over the minting process which includes:

  • Map Context

  • Mint Context

  • Mint Date & Transactions

  • Supplies & Prices

  • Parcel Sizes & Map Connection

  • Cities

  • Direction of the Project

  • Royalties

  • First Drop Minter Benefits

Map Context

Bottom view map.png

The whole map consists of adjoined landplots which contains 111.111 plots as a whole.

1 parcel .png

1 plot covers an area of 12x12 meters.

Full Map comp.jpg

Mint Context

Every minted CNFT-parcel comes in 1 of 3 different plot sizes:


This CNFT has the size of a 1x1 parcel (small). Its metadata, it contains the coordinates X and Y of a 12x12 meters sized landplot. This type of parcels amount to 67,70% of the entire map.

This CNFT has the size of a 2x2 parcel (medium). Its metadata contains the coordinates X and Y of a 24x24 meters sized landplot which consists of 4 plots. This type of parcels amount to 26,72% of the entire map. You can visually differentiate it from the 1x1 parcel thanks to the moving parts of the CNFT.

This CNFT has the size of a 3x3 parcel (large). Its metadata contains the coordinates X and Y of a 36x36 meters sized landplot which consists of 9 plots. This type of parcels amount to 5,58% of the entire map. You can visually differentiate it from the other sizes due to the golden background.

Additionally, every parcel possesses 1 out of 8 characteristics (Forest, Magma, Water etc.), which will be featured in the metadata and receive utilities in upcoming development stages. 

corrupted char.png

Mint Date & Transactions

The whitelist mint starts on 15th March, 13:00 UTC and ends 7,5 hours later at 20:30 UTC. In this time, whitelisted people are allowed to mint up to 4 CNFTs à 75 ₳ with an address they registered on our Discord beforehand.


The public mint starts on 15th March, 21:00 UTC until no CNFTs are left. In this time, the price for 1 CNFT is 90 ₳ for everyone. Up to 4 CNFTs can be purchased per transaction.

Supply 15th March

7.500 CNFTs from 30.000 CNFTs

First Drop

1x1-Parcel (1 plot) = 67,70% of the map = 6770 CNFTs

2x2-Parcel (4 plots) = 26,72% of the map = 668 CNFTs

3x3-Parcel (9 plots) = 5,58% of the map = 62 CNFTs

Parcel Sizes  & Map Connection 

As stated, in this project the connection to the lore is an important aspect. For the optical part, we develop an immersive 3D map from whose approx. 111.111 landplots only 30.000 can be minted. For the most part, those plots will be on open fields, whereas most of the remaining plots will be reserved for integration of lore implementations and other features.

skykapi comp.jpg

All four drops will provide 7500 CNFT-Parcels and contain plots of all three different sizes and out of all four regions of the map (kingdoms). The first drop contains the best located areas in the kingdoms. However, every size and type of parcel will still be available in every drop.


For example: In all four drops, you will get the chance to mint a plot in the kingdom of Skykapi. The plots available in the first drop will be better located than the ones in the following three drops.

Since one can acquire individual and differently sized parcels with every mint, there is a great chance that the different CNFTs one mints will not be positioned together/side by side. 

We agreed on this procedure, to ensure room for walking routes, roads and publicly accessable buildings - important features for any open fantasy world. Therefore, we have better options and possibilities to place these assets geographically useful and reasonable according to their functional importance.

Parcel Arrangement: City Concept

The parcels are arranged in different conceptual designs,
we call them "cities". With these city concepts
we want to ensure a thoughtful handling of
usable and immersive spaces in the Metaverse map.




For the first drop we designed 16 cities, which will be officially
presented one after another in the next weeks as single cities.
Every square on these maps depicts one parcel in its according size and in relation to the actual coordinates of the parcels, which can be checked in their metadata.

Direction of the project

In future, the differently sized parcels will receive individual functions:

1x1 parcel: Living space

2x2 parcel: Business space

3x3 parcel: Event space


Larger parcels can also be used for the functions of the smaller ones. The functions will be explained shortly before their implementation.

In a later stage of development, it will be possible to purchase neighbouring parcels directly from other residents in order to enlarge one's own land. In this situation, the largest CNFT will extend its function to all other connected parcels.





The royalties from CNFTs sold on the secondary market will be used as continous budget flow to further develop this project as well as to add value to the future WorldOfCardano-Token. These tokens will be distributed to holders of parcel or crystal CNFTs in regular airdrops.








Policy ID Parcels


First Drop Minter Benefits



Bonus WorldofCardano-Token airdrop for Holders

Utility Airdrops

special airdrops for your upcoming estates and characters

Holder Giveaways & WL

Win  prizes from our royalty system, rare crystals and receive early access for the next drops

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