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This illustration serves to show the characteristic of each parcel. On basis of this, you can see which function each parcel will have in future - the parcel finder shows you the exact location.

World of Cardano


The capital of Uristduhn is located in the northwest of the region, largely surrounded by high mountain ranges. This location was chosen in its time because the impassable ridges provided a natural protection for the city, in addition to the security measures within the city that kept the treasures from the mining safe. However, these very safety precautions were counterproductive during the devastating eruption of Yanardak, as the outflowing magma was unable to disperse through the surrounding mountain walls, and the city, along with its treasures, was buried under a high blanket of molten rock. As a result, the ground of the city is very uneven to this day and has many smaller slopes. Together with the treasures, many secrets were buried, and at the same time new myths were created. There are rumors of secret passages in the adjacent mountains, where the king is said to have kept either his most valuable treasures, or indestructible rooms, where he is said to have survived the volcanic eruption with his closest entourage at that time. Through a few outsiders who met the strict entry requirements to Ram'mar in recent years, rumors spread that during their visit secret salvage operations of the once buried treasures were taking place in the larger properties spread throughout the city. Why this should be kept a secret, is a question no Klayn outside Ram’mar can answer.

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