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Roadmap 0.2

Chapter One

We have built the base of World of Cardano. The lore surrounding it is a process that will go through all the chapters, from start to finish. The map is 3D-modeled in its fundamental form. We have built an active and supportive community that are the core of World of Cardano and will form this project with us. Our unique distribution system we specifically designed for our project and parcels got finalized for the drop, making it one of a kind in every way. The city maps are being illustrated to make it easier to spot surrounding parcels and to grow your properties. With the first version of the whitepaper, we introduce the tokenomics of our very own token.


Chapter Two

In this chapter, we focus on graphical implementation. We start with planting assets on the 3D map, thus bringing the first parts of our lore to live. Unreal Engine is a tool that we chose primarily because it holds incredible potential for the future like nothing else did before. Also, we hold our first exclusive airdrop with Lómin – The Ranger: Metaverse ready and free for chosen WoC chapter one parcel holders, many members have an option to set foot into World of Cardano.

Chapter Three 

This chapter will serve a bit as „halftime“ because of a deep dive into the Metaverse's the third land sale: We plan our first drop of PFP-CNFTs will also be usable as 3Dmodeled and fully rigged avatars in the Metaverse. Also, we plan our first estate drop so our Residents can start building on their land. We will work on a first demo that will be playable, to let our Residents set foot on World of Cardano for the first time. Besides many other things, we will introduce our token and start the airdrops to holders.

Chapter Four

Following the last land sale of World of Cardano, we plan to set our focus on the extensive development of the Metaverse. As the idea and functionalities of the Metaverse aim to grow into an immersive ecosystem, it will be subject to a successive organic growth. We want to set milestones to set up basic functionalities as groundwork on which we can build on. Besides, we start working on our own marketplace to buy, sell or trade WoC-assets.

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