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This illustration serves to show the characteristic of each parcel. On basis of this, you can see which function each parcel will have in future - the parcel finder shows you the exact location.

World of Cardano


Magic is all in and around Moonfell, fascinating the inhabitants and visitors every day anew. Experienced connoisseurs count not only the supernatural occurrences that take place in Moonfell Forest or can be produced by the Ormandis, but also the outstanding art of words and thoughts that find their way out of Simmun into the whole world. Simmun is located in the northeast of Moonfell, on the small rise just before the border with Thandor. Before the war, the town was heavily overgrown with trees and the few inhabitants enjoyed a quiet and easy-going existence, slightly isolated on their elevation. During the war, the city was again the scene of widespread destruction, which destroyed vast areas of their forest. These circumstances seem to have been muse for the philosophical outpourings that followed, as the inhabitants have been known for their eloquence, reflectiveness, mindfulness and awareness since then. In times of war, their hopeful narratives eased pain; in times of peace, they fascinate even strangers with their multifaceted view of the world. For this reason, their art is often referred to as the "Magic of Words" along with the other magical occurrences. According to the legend, the deeds of The Ape Society for peace between the Four Timeless Kingdoms inspired the inhabitants so much that they arranged the city to have the face of an ape shadowily recognizable as a tribute.

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