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We proudly present: The team behind the World of Cardano! We are glad to not only form a very interdisciplinary team, but also a highly performing and diverse one. Although we are spread all over the DACH region in the heart of Europe, we are united through our love for fantasy worlds and the vision of setting new levels for CNFT and metaverse projects. 



Lore Lead & Discord Mod

Creativity is his bow, words are his arrows. Working in sales&marketing management, he tells fascinating stories on a daily basis. 


Organisation & Discord Mod

With his degree in business engineering, he always finds the right way to pull the strings for a flawless organisation between our team-members and our goals. 



Crypto Lead & Relations

His passion for crypto and NFTs makes him our expert in those topics, he knows how to lead the horses to water.


CalculatorBrain & Discord Mod

One eye on our community, the other eye on the estates of his clients. Always sees light at the end of the tunnel, bringing in his real estates knowledge to our metaverse.



Scrum Master & Office Expert

Every trailblazing team needs someone who lays down the tracks. After years of working in business consulting, he knows which adjustments to make and which supports to provide. 

The team members mentioned above are the ones interacting in the Discord. There are other people in the background who contribute with their respective competences.

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