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World of Cardano


Land of abundance

Life in Uristduhn is beset by worry over Yanardak, an active volcano that seems to be lying in wait to erupt once more, despite having done so historically only once. Various minerals were brought to the surface as a result of the eruption, giving rise to fertile grounds and an economy dependent on both agriculture and mining.


The Klayns, Uristduhn's inhabitants, found great fortune in planting and harvesting a wide variety of crops. They are known to have let greed take over their better senses, always in search for more riches, the temptation of increasing their opulent reserves leading them to venture dangerously close to Yanardak in search of precious gemstones and minerals. The lava flows yield a reliable source of energy to operate their heavy machines, heating systems, and many other uses. The Klayns are dwarfish in stature and strength, well-suited for their vocations, but they find it wearisome to travel far on foot. They find comfort in their natural environment and use magic portals to teleport their way across longer distances. Their drive to reach the unimaginable and their perseverance in realizing those ambitions are key traits that define the Klayns.

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