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World of Cardano


Land in the shadows

The "Land in the Shadows" has its name from the dense forest that surrounds it and the Ormandis living in the kingdom of Moonfell. There are many tales in which the enchanted forest confuses strangers with magical illusions to wander around and never be seen again. It protects the kingdom of Moonfell from intruders while providing the Ormandis a source of various natural and magical herbs.


The Ormandis are masters of herbology to the point that they have antidotes for most toxins, medicine for most diseases, and potions to enhance different powers for a certain time. Their physique is not nearly as great as their mental strength, which is why they evolved their hiding skills and use the magic of the forest to deceive their enemies in battle. They live in close touch with nature and tirelessly study the always new mystical changes of their lands.

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