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World of Cardano


Land above the clouds

Skykapi is a mountainous region with the highest elevation of all kingdoms, far above the clouds. The inhabitants, known as the Havalis, rule the skies since time immemorial. Their slender builds seem to have developed over time to adjust to their aerial environment, a naturally formed optimization spanning hundreds of generations. They are renowned for their hawk-eyed vision and borderline supernatural reflexes. While the Havali king's bloodline is blessed with natural wings, most of the common populace honed raising and taming skills to call forth giant birds to carry them to their homes up in the mountains and down to the valleys below.


Crop production in the region is quite challenging due to non-fertile grounds, but the Havalis managed to overcome the agronomic challenges through mastering the agricultural sciences before peace and trade came to fruition. Rumor has it that the Royal Guard has control over an unknown number of dragons, but as only a few outsiders have stepped foot into Skykapi, the fact of the matter remains a mystery.

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