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This illustration serves to show the characteristic of each parcel. On basis of this, you can see which function each parcel will have in future - the parcel finder shows you the exact location.This means that if your parcel is a "shore" characteristic, its in the water here but could be near a shore in the real map.

World of Cardano


The kingdom of Skykapi has been known to rule the skies since time immemorial. Above the clouds, on top of the Skykapi Plateau, is the capital city of Aeroyal. The plateau is surrounded by strong winds, which lengthen the ascending time to at least 15 hours for experienced adventurers. Due to the dangers of constant change of direction and force of the winds, it is indicated to be impossible for the inexperienced. This draining climb not only makes it difficult to invade the city, but also to supply food and goods, making Aeroyal the most exclusive city in the entire region.

To accelerate and ease the rise, Havalis from Ventor began raising and training Bâzus, man-sized birds of prey that naturally build their nests in the surrounding Skykapi Mountains. With their tremendous wing size and span, they can not only intimidate residents or other creatures, but lift and navigate their powerful bodies through the air. Caring for, training, and owning a Bâzu requires a great deal of experience, time, courage, and food, which is why there are only few Bâzu breeders and owners. Only a couple residents of Aeroyal have enough space, money and experience to keep one of their own. Most of the Bâzus are used by businessmen to transport people and goods, some are also owned by the royal guard and used as scouts due to their excellent eyesight.

Ventor is located in the south of Skykapi and is known for strong southerly winds that whip through and around the city towards the mountain range in the north. A recently found early sketch shows the intelligent design and construction of the city. The arrangement first slows the southerly winds down and then directs them through the city to be used for energy generation, among other things. At the same time, in the open fields around the city the Havali-grown Bâzus are trained to anticipate the winds changes of direction and use them for lift.

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